Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wisconsin Sidelines Much-Ridiculed Tourism Slogan

Journal-Sentinal Online: Wisconsin's new ad campaign starting later this month will not include the much-ridiculed "Live Like You Mean It" slogan that was unveiled in 2009 and quickly shelved. Deputy Tourism Secretary Dave Fantle said Friday that the new campaign instead focuses on the idea of all the different ways to have fun in Wisconsin.

"We have no plans to unveil new slogans, new logos," Fantle said. "We want to be doing research-based, effective marketing." "Live Like You Mean It" was introduced in 2009 but widely ridiculed since the same slogan had already been used to market items from liquor to a television network. It drew greater derision since it also served as the tagline for Wisconsin's brand "Originality rules," which was supposed to promote the state as filled with original thinkers and destinations.

The slogan, which came with a logo showing a man doing a cartwheel across letters spelling out Wisconsin, was used in ads and public relations efforts in the spring of 2009 before it was initially put on hold that year. Fantle said it won't return.

The new ad campaign focuses on the concept of having fun in Wisconsin and "works on all platforms for all demographics," he said. The effort will target travelers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan.

"Research shows people perceive Wisconsin to be a more fun place than Illinois or Minnesota," Fantle said. "It's all in the execution. How do we tell the story of fun through creative marketing?"

The new ad campaign comes on the heels of the annual tourism spending report, which showed a 1.8% increase in 2010. The study released by the Tourism Department shows that Wisconsin travelers spent about $12.3 billion last year on items from camping in the wilderness up north to staying at posh hotels in downtown Milwaukee.

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