Monday, May 16, 2011

TMZ Tour Bus Spotted in Beverly Hills

Jaunted: We have a little confession. When we rolled up to Beverly Hills yesterday, we came upon a TMZ Hollywood Tour bus, which just launched May 14, on Santa Monica Boulevard. Gossips that we are, we craned our necks to see what was going on in windowless, half-full bus, and we caught a glimpse of a TV set showing Nic Cage's mug.

Alas, we were so busy gawking and trying to figure out if we were near a Nic Cage landmark (his home? his fave toupee shop? where he hides in shame for starring in the National Treasure films?) we didn't get a chance to snap a photo. But here's what the flashy red bus looks like.

The tour, which travels to Hollywood, West Hollywood, the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills, promises to show you were celebs hang, from clubs to gyms to restaurants. In fact, the tour website touts it's "more than a tour...It's a show on wheels!" What that means is that guides scour for stars during the tour and if a sighting occurs, they will stop the bus, film some footage and send it back to the TMZ Newsroom, allowing you to be a part of the, um, news-gathering process. On the maiden voyage, tourgoers spotted Diddy roaming the streets of Bev Hills.

And while our inner star stalker was intrigued at getting a two-hour TMZ-approved look at Bev Hills, we'll save the $55 ticket price and buy a pair of socks on Rodeo Drive.

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