Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swedish Hotel Offers Love Coach

Venus Room at the VenusGarden Hotel
Hotel Chatter: Hotels are not ones to shy away from sex what with all the sex kits we've seen in the minibars in the past years, but this hotel goes far above and beyond a black box full of condoms, lube and massage oil and even the porn offerings on the TV.

The Venusgarden Hotel near Malmo, Sweden offers a professional orgasm coach on staff. Actually the coach is Ylva Franzén, the proprietor of the three-bedroom farmhouse as well as the author of a best-selling book Orgasmera Mera (Orgasming More).

Each of the three "Rooms of Love" are sensually-named--Kamasutra, Tao, and Venus, and all feature "feathers, massage oils, perfumed candles, erotic illustrations, and a basket of love toys, along with a copy of Franzén’s book", of course.

But that's not all. Up in the Tao room (in the attic) there's a big round bed and a mirror on the ceiling to further get you in the mood. The Venus room promises a "magic pill" for him (Viagra?) and a swing above the bed. But the Kamasutra room might be where you want to spend your stay as the canopy bed in the center of the room is a place where "you can relax and make love for three days like the Indian gods." And don't forget, Franzén is on call to help you should any issues, um, arise.

Hmm...the description sounds more tantalizing than the website pictures which look like a bed and breakfast that's been heavily decorated with Pier 1 accents.

But should you be in the mood for being in the mood, a one-night stay here is just 1500 Swedish Krona (or about $237USD.) Free breakfast, linens and towels are included. Is it wrong to hope they just give out new linens to every guest?

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