Wednesday, May 18, 2011

London's Most Hi-Tech Hotel

London's Eccleston Square Hotel
Hotel Chatter: While some London hotels have missed the mark as far as service and affordability go, there are still some reasons to get excited about your next trip across the pond.

Aloft is coming to town in November, The Zetter Townhouse has just opened with fun and affordable rooms (and free WiFi) and now the Eccleston Square Hotel will be unleashing its techy goodness on July 4.

We've mentioned the amenity madness at this hotel before but let's revisit the gadgetry that has the hotel calling itself, "London's Most Hi-Tech Hotel."

· Peekaboo Bathroom Optional as you can make the bathroom glass clear or opaque with the flick of a switch.

· iPad 2s in the nightstand from which you can book a massage or a personal trainer, order room service and make a purchase from the gift shop.

· Heated Floors so the frightful weather outside doesn't follow you back to your hotel room.

· Nespresso Machines for a quick gourmet pick-me-up.

· The high-tech Hastens bed with its own mini-massage system.

· 46-inch 3DTV, the better to watch Footballers Wives with. And it comes with two pairs of active 3D Panasonic glasses.


(For further amenity madness research, visit the hotel's blog for six reasons why you should stay here as opposed to another luxury hotel in London.)

The only bummer is that the rooms are tiny, starting at 118-sq.ft. for a city queen and only going up to 194-sq.ft. for a city suite. But the prices reflect that. Special opening rates for July 4 start at 250 GBP for the city queen and just 350 for the city suite. If you want to save a little bit more money, "like" the hotel's Facebook page and you can get 10 percent off your stay.

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