Monday, May 23, 2011

Logan Airport Time Lapse Video

Jaunted: You know we can’t resist an awesome travel video—especially when it’s time lapse—so that’s why we just had to share a little snippet from Boston’s Logan International Airport.

As you can see it’s a pretty busy place, and when the weather’s nice, the airplanes just effortlessly flow in and out. It might not look as fluid if you’re just watching through the terminal windows, but thanks to this video from BostonAirborne we get to see how impressive the workings of a major international airport truly are.

All in all it’s about an hour of take-offs from earlier this month compressed into just a couple of minutes, so it’s a perfect office time waster. We’ve watched the thing a handful of times already, as we kind of get a kick out of trying to figure out each and every plane and find it relaxing in a weird way. We spied a couple JetBlue jets as well as planes from Delta, Continental, United, and Southwest too—they were the easiest ones to spot with their blue bellies.

We’re thinking that we’re going to need to pick-up a tripod sooner and later, and get in on creating our own time lapse videos—we just can’t resist being our own airport Spielberg.

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