Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Travel Gear: Toothpaste Tablets & Blankid Buddy

USA Today: Don't you hate trying to cram your toiletries into those quart-sized plastic bags?

As a dedicated carry-on traveler, that's what I do on virtually every trip. I often end up leaving out stuff like liquid makeup, and when I go where sunscreen is needed, it's always tough to squeeze in.

So an offbeat product -- Archtek toothpaste tablets -- caught my eye, as it did those of the editors of Travel Goods Showcase at the recent travel goods exhibition in Chicago. It's the official publication of the Travel Goods Association. There were about 90 new products on display, the publication says, about 50% more than last year. What that says to me is that the travel industry is getting healthier, and manufacturers have confidence that folks on the go are ready to buy.

Back to the toothpaste. It's in chewable tablet form and can be used without water. Put tablet in mouth, then brush as usual. It's available on the Archtek website ($3.25 for 60) or at retailers such as REI. The concept of dry toothpaste isn't new: I remember toothpaste powder in a can, favored by my mom,which I once spilled all over a suitcase.

Winner of the travel goods show's "Buzz Award" for best offering in the show's New Products Pavilion was the Blankid Buddy (video below) voted by buyers and media attendees. The animal-shaped travel accessory can be a backpack, blanket or pillow. Choose from Pailou the Panda, Lula the Ladybug or Makemba the Monkey ($29.99 suggested retail price).


Samual said...

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Jackie Darrington said...

These toothpaste tablet things are about the coolest things I've ever seen in terms of traveling products. Ok, that may be taking things much to far, but they are pretty cool. I'll admit that I have, on occasion, just left the toothpaste home altogether. Gross, I know.