Monday, August 22, 2011

Virgin Atlantic Offers Popsicles in Economy

Jaunted: It's official; summer 2011 is the summer of sweets in the sky. First bmi is handing out free slices of cake onboard, and now Virgin Atlantic has introduced popsicles in economy!

The new desserts—Skinny Cow Skinny Dippers—are caramel ice cream pops dipped in chocolate, and they're totally complimentary to passengers flying Virgin from Manchester, London-Gatwick and London-Heathrow to the US, Caribbean and Tokyo-Narita. Even better still: each Skinny Dipper is only 65 calories (that's less than a tiny airline cup full of regular soda). They're new onboard from this month, and they should last through the end of the warm weather.

It's not exactly a regular occurrence to be served ice cream on a plane, but several airlines like Virgin Atlantic make the extra effort. To be served it in economy is another thing altogether. If you're traveling in Premium Economy or Upper Class, you get Haagen Dazs, but we're sure a special request for the Skinny Dippers can be made.

Another thing: this could possibly be the first instance of popsicles served as part of an in-flight meal. Anyone ever had one elsewhere? Yo, Virgin America, we could use a Bomb Pop or two. Would we even be able to mention Bomb Pops on a plane? Okay—"Freedom Pops" it is.

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