Thursday, March 17, 2011

Apple's Plans for iTravel Tool Revealed

Budget Travel: Apple is planning a new app/service called iTravel. The tool is expected to allow you make travel reservations and check-in with your iPhone—for flights, hotels, and cruises. Shown here is a screenshot from PatentlyApple.com, a site that has gone through patents filed by Apple in the past year for something called iTravel. Apple hasn't made any official annoucements yet, but it might at a conference in May.

What's truly promising here is an auto-suggest feature for apps. Let's say you're visiting London and happen to walk from your hotel to the British Museum. Your iPhone would detect your location and automatically suggest you download an app related to the British Museum with audio guides. (Listen to the guides on your iPhone. No more waiting in line for a headset.)

Then let's say you head over to the theatre district. The technology would pop-up a window on your iPhone screen offering you an app to book a theatre reservation. If you find all of the suggestions annoying, you could opt to filter what types of information you receive—if any—at the start of your trip.

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