Friday, March 25, 2011

Forbes on Retirement: Fargo Beats Honolulu, Miami, San Diego

Daily Mail: When considering which cities Americans are most likely to retire to, most people think of long, sunny days, miles of sandy beaches and sipping cocktails in the sun. But try telling the people at Forbes magazine that, because a latest list of the best retirement cities in America has made the likes of Fargo, North Dakota, more desirable than Hawaii, Miami or San Diego.

The list of 16 – which is in no particular order – included Omaha, Nebraska; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Indianapolis, Indiana; Salt Lake City, Utah, Colorado Springs, Colorado – none of which are known for their temperate climates.

Janet Novack, the executive editor who oversaw the research, defended the list. She said Forbes focused on a lot of factors besides the weather, including living costs, taxes, crime rates, driving conditions and the availability of both doctors and free activities.

Only five cities in the list – Tucson, Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida and San Antonio, Texas are even in the southern-most part of the country.

‘I wouldn't go to Fargo personally,’ Novack said. ‘But there are people who like the cold weather and it's terrific for other things.’

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