Sunday, March 27, 2011

10 Best Travel iPhone Apps

G-Park App
GeekSugar: If you've got an iPhone, you have a world of apps at your fingertips to help you track, plan, and learn all you can about the locations you'll be visiting to ensure you have a well-rounded trip. Even if you're hitting the road now, you should definitely load up on these helpful apps.

1. The World Factbook 2011 ($1): Pick a country, any country! This app is stuffed with an amazing amount of facts about world history, and current data for more than 250 countries around the globe.

2. WorldView (Free): Can't wait to step foot in Paris? Check out what's happening there now with this app that lets you peek in on live webcams being broadcast from the Eiffel Tower and other cameras from around the world.

3. Word-Lens (Free): Instantly translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera, in real time! Use Word Lens on vacation, business travel, and just for fun.

4. TripTracker (Free): Get organized before you get on board with this app that not only holds all of your flight reservations, car rentals, and hotel details in one place, but also sends alerts, live weather reports, and airport notifications to your phone.

5. Geocaching ($10): Turn your trip abroad into a huge geocaching game with this app. Geocaching is a global treasure-hunting game, and this app gives you the tools to find the loot.

6. Free WiFiFinder (Free): Online or offline, this app will help you find the closest WiFi signal so you can check your emails, favorite blogs, or Skype with your friends and family.

7. HearPlanet ($5): Next time you're wandering around a city, check out this app that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an audio tour guide.

8. GasBuddy (Free):  Get your gas on the cheap with this app, which shows you the nearest gas stations and their prices.

9. Fotopedia Heritage (Free): Discover all of the World Heritage Sites around the globe from this single app that brings facts and over 22,000 photos.

10. G-Park ($1): Taking a road trip this year? Driving around a new city? You'll definitely want this app that lets you bookmark your car's location on GPS, then tells you exactly how to find it later once you get lost. Just be careful you don't go over your parking meter limit!

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