Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amusement Park Horror: 1 Dead, 28 Injured

Daily Mail: A boy of six has been killed and 28 others - mostly children - were injured after a miniature train overturned in an amusement park.

Families were cooking barbecues and relaxing in the sun when the train packed with five- to ten-year-olds and their parents suddenly came off its rails and turned a peaceful Spring Saturday into a scene of horror.

Dozens of bodies were thrown onto the grass at Spartanburg Park in Charleston, South Carolina, which turned into a makeshift hospital as the survivors huddled together to comfort one another until doctors arrived to treat them.

Benjamin Easler, six, who was on the train, was fatally injured and was taken to hospital but died.

His father, Dr Dwight Easler, a local pastor, was also on board, as was his pregnant mother Tabitha and his two brothers. Mr Easler suffered cuts and broken bones but Mrs Easler’s baby appears unharmed. The brothers suffered broken arms.

Police have now begun an investigation into the crash and will be looking into the possibility that the train was sabotaged or that something had been deliberately left on the tracks. Spartanburg County Councilman David Britt, whose district includes the park, said the state Department of Labour, Licensing and Regulation inspected the ride Wednesday.

'It's tragic,' Britt said. 'It's a terrible nightmare. 'When you see the accident scene, it's amazing anybody survived, because the train turned over and those kids were raked across the rocks.'

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