Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tips From 'The Bed Bug Survival Guide'

Bed bugs are on the march all across the country. Many cities including New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas have had to deal with massive infestations. Jeff Eisenberg and his company Pest Away have successfully treated more than 100,000 spaces for bed bugs over the past 15 years. In his new guide Eisenberg shares his best strategies, advice and tips for treating and preventing bed bugs, including:

When checking into a hotel, put your bag in the bathroom, where critters are less apt to crawl (not near wood and upholstery).

✔ When flying, put your carry-on in the overhead bin rather than check a bag that goes in the luggage compartment. Also - decline the pillow and blanket.

✔ It can take up to 12 hours for a bite to show, making it difficult to know where the bite came from.

✔ Don't think you're safe staying at an expensive hotel. You are just as likely to be bitten at a five-star property as you are at a place that rents rooms by the hour.

Eisenberg says hotels are the perfect bed bug environment because there's a transient population, hotels don't have regulations for dealing with bed bugs and housekeepers are under pressure to turn rooms over quickly without inspections.

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