Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make Sure Your Stuff Stays in Vegas

USA Today: No, not that kind of stuff.

Things like sunscreen, perfume, shaving cream, makeup, your own bottles of booze if you visit Vegas more than once a year and don't want the hassle of remembering to pack everything, or the cost of checking bags if you have more than a quart-size bag of liquids, or if you don't want to spend time buying essentials in Vegas.

The new service is called "The Vegas Box." You get a container delivered to your hotel room, you fill it with things you want to stay in Vegas till your next visit (including that half-fifth of tequila), you lock it. The service takes it to a storage center and delivers it back to your hotel on your next visit. Cost: $99, which includes two Vegas stays with drop-off and pick-up. If you go to Vegas more often, each extra trip costs $20 to use the box.

This is the kind of thing that some of the world's luxury hotels do for their best customers (I recall some repeat star guests at The Beverly Hills Hotels even kept cars there). But The Box makes the service available to anyone and will deliver to most any Vegas lodging. Or you can request delivery elsewhere. The box is about 20 inches by 17 inches by 12 inches and holds up to 70 pounds of stuff, a Vegas Box spokeswoman says. More information is at thevegasbox.com.

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