Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starbucks' Single Brewers to be Placed in 500,000 Hotel Rooms

Hotel Chatter: Starbucks has announced that it will start selling single-cup coffee brewers next year, giving our beloved Keurig and Nespresso makers a serious competitor to contend with. The one-cup wonder will be sold in supermarkets and warehouse club stores but the product is also set to be placed into over 500,000 hotel rooms next year.

Unless you're staying in a mega convention center hotel that has a Starbucks in its lobby, your best hope for getting that brewed coffee perfection (seriously, we can never duplicate the brew correctly in our own homes) has been to hunt down the nearest Starbucks shop...and sometimes it's not so near. Thus a one-cup Starbucks coffee brewer in our hotel rooms will be an awesome amenity to have.

We're not so sure what exactly this machine will look like and to be honest, we are quite attached to Keurig, but Starbucks has partnered with Courtesy Products, whose own CV1 Coffee Maker looks simple enough to operate.

Now would it be too much to ask hotels to include free coffee packets next to the machine?

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