Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Egypt’s Sites Have Reopened, Tourism Struggling

Reuters: According to USA Today, the estimated total monetary loss during the political unrest in Egypt: 10 billion Egyptian pounds, or $1.7 billion USD. And more than half of that loss is linked to tourism.

But things are starting to look up. After shutting down during the worst of the unrest for fear of damage and looting, museums across Egypt have opened again. The Egyptian Museum on the edge of Tahrir Square in Cairo — victim of looters who were able to steal some small objects — was one of the first to welcome back visitors. The pyramids were also reopened, much to the delight of the few tourists who braved it and ignored their governments’ warnings of travel to Egypt.

Briton and geography teacher, Paul Davis — who had his trip planned since early November — said: "I wanted to see this world wonder. I thought ‘Why not? Let’s just go through with it.’ I think it was worth taking the risk."

Heavy discounts for Egyptian tours are also flooding the market, and those looking for cheap getaways are taking advantage. A German couple booked a week-long trip including flights and room and board for just 500 euros ($685).

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