Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LV Air: Fly-by-Night Airline

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From the start, LV Air sounded like Christmas morning hopes of towering stacks of presents all just for us. But now, the Las Vegas Review-Journal is showing us that although those gifts may be prettily wrapped, what's underneath may just be empty boxes.

In an expose that ran on Friday entitled "LV Air is looking like promoter's latest fly-by-night plan," the local paper reveals the checkered past of wanted-by-the-law (yes, wanted by the law) founder Eneliko Smith that includes a failed hotel, unpaid room taxes and the subsequent warrant for his arrest. And that's just the beginning of what the newspaper's jaw-dropping investigation found. If you've got a few mins, it's amazing reading. You'll also see what Mr. Smith has to say about his "American Dream," too.

A dream that sounds more like a nightmare for VegasChatter member LV Error - who states he was a former employee of LV Air - and who left his own warning on our site over the weekend.

From the sounds of things, LV Air may be grounded before it apparently even had the planes to pull up to the gates.

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