Sunday, October 9, 2011

Virgin Atlantic Phasing Out Salt & Pepper Shakers

Daily Mail: It would seem that Upper Class passengers on Virgin Atlantic feel entitled to a little extra something after paying thousands on flights.

The aeroplane-shaped salt and pepper sets which accompany gourmet meals on the airline's flights have became a 'must-steal' item among travellers since they were introduced more than 12 years ago.

They regularly crop up on eBay, with individual pieces selling for up to £20 each - but this is set to come to an end.

It has been announced that they are being phased out after thousands were 'pinched'.

Virgin said that from next month it will replace all of the Upper Class cutlery and dining ware sets, including the coveted cruets.

Spokeswoman Janine Doy said: 'Who could have guessed that salt and pepper pots designed for our aircraft would one day be found in homes all over the world, and we are thankful to our Upper Class passengers for spreading the message around the globe.

'Having so many people pinching our salt and pepper pots is, I suppose, a back-handed tribute to how well these items have been designed.

'We're expecting a last-minute rush when fans realise that their supply is coming to an end. Prices for "liberated" examples may also increase as they do in any market when stock becomes scarce.'

Such has been the rate of theft that recent versions were stamped with the message 'Pinched from Virgin Atlantic' as a deterrent, but they still went missing.

The pots, in the shape of miniature planes, were created by Virgin Atlantic's in-house design team.

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