Monday, September 26, 2011

'Pan Am' Review: Bouncy Hair and Aviation History

Jaunted: So, did you watch the premiere episode of ABC's Pan Am last night? It seems like half the world did, from the way Twitter was blowing up about it. Of course you can't go about judging a show from its premiere eppy—it's like judging a book by its heavily-financed cover—but we'll attempt to anyway.

Yesterday evening, we were introduced to Maggie, Kate, Colette, Laura, Dean and Ted. Their complexions are perfect, their Pan Am crew uniforms perfectly starched and their curiosity for the world genuine. Alas, it's not just because they are actors, but because this is the truth of what it was really like back in the heyday of the jet age. Also it's worth noting their hair is very bouncy.

Beyond appearances, the show actually makes an effort to touch on real history, as the premiere featured the first flight of the Clipper Majestic from New York to London. Nevermind that there was no Clipper named Majestic, the story the show attempts to tell is rooted in fact. We particularly loved all the shots of the Boeing 707 and glimpses of vintage airline interiors, naturally created on a soundstage but so realistic that we wish the ABC Pan Am set crew would have a hand in fitting a current plane with a retro interior for a special route. We can dream.

Now perhaps we should have seen this coming: Jetsetter has partnered with ABC's Pan Am for a curated selection of hotel sales. They've just launched the first bunch in London—keeping with the premiere's theme—and there'll be five more coming up, though all for US cities.

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