Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flight Attendants Injured After First Officer's Mistake

Terminal U: Two flight attendants suffered minor injuries when an All Nippon Airways (ANA) plane entered a violent roll en route to Tokyo, the Japan Transport Safety Board said on Wednesday.

117 passengers and crew were on board the 737-700 jet from Okinana Prefecture to Tokyo Haneda when the plane rolled suddenly, descending 6,000ft (1,900 metres) in 30 seconds after the first officer mistook the rudder trim switch for the cockpit door switch, Japan’s Kyodo News reports.

The incident happened off Shizuoka Prefecture on September 6.

The safety board’s head Norihiro Goto, told a news conference that the plane continued to roll until it reached 131.7 degrees to the left, leaving it almost belly up.

When the co-pilot stabilised the aircraft, it was close to heading in the opposite direction, according to the safety board.

ANA Senior Executive Vice President Shin Nagase bowed in apology during a press conference at the transport ministry in Tokyo, adding: “We deeply apologise for causing tremendous trouble and anxiety to our passengers.”

The transport safety board is continuing its investigation.

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