Friday, September 16, 2011

City Slogans With Attitude

USA Today: How much is a city slogan worth?

A jackpot and then some, if you're trying to draw visitors to "What happens here, stays here" Las Vegas.

But if you think "Home of the Ding Dong Daddy" doesn't have quite the same sizzle, don't tell the folks in Dumas, Ark.

Inspired by a Vaudeville-era hit song titled "I'm a Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas," the town of just under 5,000 celebrates its goofy claim to fame in an annual July festival. (And yes, a "Ding Dong" Daddy and Mamma are dutifully crowned.)

Dumas' come-on is just one of some two dozen civic sayings spotlighted on a Google Map of City Slogans. Among the other stand-outs (or losers, depending on your point of view):

--Gas, KS ("Don't pass Gas, stop and enjoy it.")

--Hooker, OK ("It's a location, not a vocation.")

--Peculiar, MO ("Where the odds are always with you.")

And my favorite:

--Bushnell, S.D. ("It's not the end of the earth, but you can see it from here.")

Of course, Google's version misses some of the best civic slogans. Branding expert Eric Swartz lists plenty of others, from small town pride (Riverton, WY's "We've Got All the Civilization You Need") to big city swagger ("Only in San Francisco").

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