Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last Call for Las Vegas' Sahara Hotel Casino

KTNV: A Las Vegas landmark is closing it's doors for good. Locals are flocking this weekend for one last peek at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. After 58 years on the Las Vegas Strip, The Sahara will shut down for good after this weekend.

There's plenty of reasons to love the Sahara.

"Dollar Blackjack, dollar beer, dollar craps, dollar everything," says Chris Lamb, a local fan of the old casino.

"The big burrito you know? I thought I could eat it, but I couldn't. If I could eat the whole thing I could have it for free, but unfortunately I couldn't eat the whole thing. That's one of the biggest memories I have for the Sahara," says Larry Sumling who has visited from Canada.

Others have never experienced one of the oldest casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. "I'd never been before. It's the only hotel I haven't been to so we decided to come down tonight," says local resident Laura C. "It took away Vegas. When they knock these old places down like that you're taking down Vegas, the old Vegas," says her husband Lon C.

John Law has more memories than most. He worked as a dealer here 31 years ago. "It would be nothing to go to work and make 300, 500, 27 hundred in four hours. You know that's just the way it was in the old days," says Law.

A picture. A playing chip. Everyone hopes to hold a piece of history before this casino is only found in the history books. "I actually got one of the last Sahara players card ever issued. It's a great souvenir since it's not going to be around anymore," says Lamb.

"It's a shame because the old hotels will never come back and have the charm. These new hotels don't have the charm the old ones had," says Lon C. "You know it's not the same, it hasn't been the same for a long time. It used to be a class joint," laments Law.

The casino's doors will close after Monday, May 16, 2011.

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