Friday, May 6, 2011

Hotel Contest for Goonies Fans

Hotel Chatter: It's already well-established that Goonies is the best rainy day movie ever and anyone who was a kid in the 80s can probably recite the movie line-for line at any given time. (Our favorite? "Up there is their time but down here, it's our time.") So how can we not love this new contest which is combining two of our favorite things--Goonies and hotel rooms.

The Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, Ore., where Goonies was filmed, is offering Goonies fans the chance to win a two-night stay at the hotel, along with dinner for you and Troy, er, your friend/lover/spouse at the Bridgewater Bistro, drinks and dessert at the Astoria Coffee house and a travel voucher for either airfare or gas (depending on where the winner lives.)

All Goonies fans have to do is tell the hotel why you became a Goonies fan on their Goonies Contest Site (or email your submission.) You could also upload a video to YouTube reenacting your favorite scene from the movie. We say, you can't go wrong doing the Truffle Shuffle.

Entries must be received by May 31st and will be judged by an international panel of Goonies enthusiasts. The winner will be announced on June 7th which is actually the official "Goonies Day." Let's just hope Momma Fratelli isn't one of the judges.

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