Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Las Vegas Kitsch For Sale

Vegas Chatter: Last week as we were busy drafting our online petition for a slot museum in Las Vegas (or really, just salivating over some gold coins from Caesars Palace), we stumbled across this website Old Vegas Chips which sells, as its name indicates, old Vegas gambling chips.

But the site really sells anything Old Vegas-related including these old-fashioned room keys. It's hard to imagine an era when we used actual keys to open hotel room doors now that we're so accustomed to magnetized key cards but this site takes us way back offering room keys to the Riviera ($24), MGM Grand which has the lion featured on the key head ($17), the Hilton ($14), the Frontier ($17) and the Desert Inn ($27.)

Nostalgia, novelty and kitsch aside, the collection is somewhat limited (there's only 2 other hotel keys available) and we don't have any significant ties to these properties so we're probably gonna pass on this Old Vegas purchase.

However, after having gotten locked out of our room the other week after our room key got demagnetized in our purse, forcing us to wait 15 minutes for security to come up and open our door and losing valuable primping time for Thunder from Down Under, we kinda wish hotels would use real keys again.

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