Friday, September 2, 2011

More Falling Hotel Glass

The Four Seasons Seattle
 Hotel Chatter: Just when we thought the falling glass trend was behind us, some windows have shattered again, this time at the Four Seasons Seattle on Sunday. And much like what happened with the W Austin the loose window panes were actually from the residences that are attached to the hotel. But what's worse here is that this is the third time windows have fallen from the building since July.

Thankfully, no one's been hurt or injured but the glass has cracked the glass awning at the entrance of the hotel and a car was slightly damaged.

Needless to say the hotel has finally gotten the idea that all 300 of the tempered-glass windows need to be replaced. The hotel's GM told the Seattle Times:

"Our only priority here is the safety of everybody involved, either residents or people passing by," said the hotel's general manager, Ben Trodd. "We've taken a very proactive step now. The general contractor is now removing all of the remaining panels that are on the building." The balconies, all on the condo levels between the 11th and 21st floors, will be closed until new panels or a new railing system are installed."

Geez. We sincerely hope the Four Season Seattle's doppleganger in Baltimore has better windows already in place. Strike that. We sincerely hope ALL HOTELS ALL OVER THE WORLD (AND ESPECIALLY AT LUXURY HOTELS) have better windows in place now.

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