Thursday, September 1, 2011

China Debuts World's Highest Ferris Wheel

Daily Mail: If you thought the London Eye was a stomach-churning experience, then look away now.

The world's 'highest' Ferris wheel has been unveiled in China - on top of a 1,480ft tower.

Passengers were set to ride in see-through capsules perched on top of the 450-metre-high Canton Tower, also known as the Guangzhou TV Tower. The 16 pods - which hold a total of 96 thrill seekers - each measure just over three metres wide.

They were built using a special macromolecule material which allows a 360-degree crystal clear view.

Unlike other Ferris wheels, it has a 15-degree incline and can resist 8-magnitude earthquakes and Beaufort scale 12 typhoons.

An elliptical track has been constructed around the edge of the tower's roof, and the 16 transparent 'crystal' pods take between 20 and 40 minutes to go round the track.

It's located in Guangzhou, capital of the southwestern Chinese province of Guangdong.

The attraction will cost visitors 130 Yuan each.

Although it's described as a Ferris, its passenger cars are not suspended from the rim of a wheel in the traditional fashion and the track is horizontal.

The tower is also known by its local nickname - Xiao Man's waist - which refers to a famous Geisha who used to entertain people during the reign of the tang Dynasty.

She was appreciated for her slim waist and the tower has a twisted and tight appearance.

In August, Las Vegas announced plans to build the world's 'tallest' Ferris wheel, which will be more than 100ft higher than the London Eye.

Caesar's Entertainment, which runs the Caesar's Palace hotel and casino, revealed its wheel will be called the 'Las Vegas High Roller' and measure 550ft.

That would pip the Singapore Flyer (541ft) to the title of world's tallest wheel.

The London Eye is 443ft tall.

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