Monday, November 7, 2011

ANA Reports First Dreamliner Glitch

787 Landing Gear
Seattle Post Intelligencer:  Boeing Co. and All Nippon Airways are investigating a potential glitch with Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner.
The Tokyo-based airline, which was the first to take delivery of the revolutionary new jetliner, says the landing gear on a 787 did not deploy properly.

According to news reports, the Dreamliner had to abort an approach at Okayama airport and circle around again after the landing gear failed to come down automatically.

The pilot of the Boeing 787 had to manually deploy the main landing gear in order to bring the plane down safely.

The incident took place Sunday.

On Monday morning, All Nippon Airways reported that a monitor issued a warning that the problem was with a faulty hydraulic valve.

This is the first glitch for the Dreamliner since its first commercial foight from Tokyo to Hong Kong on Oct. 26.

An airline spokesperson says the jet was carrying 249 passengers at the time of the incident and ultimately landed with no problems.

The incident comes days after a Boeing 767 landed on its belly in Warsaw after the landing gear failed to deploy.

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