Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Cool Travel Websites

Sacramento Bee:

Website: http://www.wanderlustandlipstick.com/
Lowdown: Comprehensive and enjoyable site for women interested in solo, independent and group women's travel. Tours, tips, travel accounts, advice. What's best about it? It's actually run by an authoritative woman traveler, Beth Whitman, not some giant corporation.

Website: world-airport-codes.com
Lowdown: Look up the code for any airport in the world. Memorize a few, and people will think you are a world traveler who's recently flown to FCO (Rome) and CDG (Paris) from DTW (Detroit).

Website: google.com/flights
Lowdown: The giant search engine company has entered the travel business; this site aims to compete with sites like Kayak to help travelers check flight prices and routes. Right now, it's fairly useless for Detroit travelers because only airline sponsors are included, and Detroit's biggest carrier, Delta, isn't on it. Eventually, however, the service may improve and, as usual, steamroll competitors.

Website: http://www.gadling.com/
Lowdown: This well-regarded travel blog is run by a host of name-brand travel writers. It offers news and information about cheap travel, adventure travel and off-the-beaten-path travel tips.

Website: http://www.amtrakvacations.com/
Lowdown: Hooray, Amtrak finally has an excellent new site that lets you book whole vacations, including hotels and trains, in one place. Cool trips (such as Amtrak from Chicago to Seattle, with a stop at Glacier National Park) are easy to book and research. Check it out.

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