Friday, October 14, 2011

Yotel's Eat Yo! Brunch

Hotel Chatter: Last time we checked in on Yotel Times Square—aka the $10 hotel for ants—the lobby bathroom was suffering from some major door malfunctioning. They appear to have addressed the problem, and have since added a rather interesting moose to the lobby decor. But we were left wondering to ourselves: what is actually going on over there?

After opening to such fanfare with a mammoth performance piece that literally spanned 100 rooms, we haven't exactly heard much from them since. Oh, except for this bizarre Sunday brunch invitation that showed up in our inboxes yesterday. A baby, gnawing on a plate, with the caption: "Eat Yo! Brunch". Well, it's not a jelly doughnut pancake, but they have our attention!

The brunch goes from 11am–4pm this Sunday, and offers unlimited food and drink at Dohyo for $35. A performance by cabaret mistress Justin Bond will keep up the momentum throughout the afternoon. Hopefully, the weather will hold up like last weekend, as Yotel's FOUR terrace is simply not to be missed.

But as far as guest experience goes, things are a little more up in the air. Several reviews on TripAdvisor made the same complaints about the skimpy breakfasts, which only include tea, coffee and a muffin. We'll see how this brunch fares on Sunday, but it sounds like Yotel is trying to do some damage control on the hotel breakfast front (a very important front, need we remind you). And with room rates hovering in the $350 range, you'd think a hotel as futuristic as this might look into some more...innovative breakfast options.

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