Monday, October 10, 2011

Michigan Starbucks Adds Doggy Bar

Grosse Pointe Patch: Any Grosse Pointe dog can be top dog at Starbucks on Mack Avenue. The coffee shop recently added a doggy watering station--or as they refer to it, the Doggy Bar--outside by its patio. But they did more than put out a water bowl. They went all out.

As with their delicious drinks, Starbucks offers the neighborhood canines options: Tall, Grande and Venti.

For the toy poodles in the neighborhood, the Tall water bowl is the perfect fit. For mid-sized dogs such as spaniels or beagles, the Grande is the way to go. For all of the big dogs--retrievers, doodles and Great Danes--Venti is the ticket.

This is just another step for Starbucks Manager Connie Prus in paying attention to and thanking our dear, sweet canine friends for their loyalty and love. Prus is certainly a "dog" person. And this isn't the first time she has done something to help our furry friends.

She once held a pet adoption in the parking lot of the Mack establishement -- something she is hoping to do again soon. And within the next month she will again partner with the Michigan Rescue in Pontiac to offer patrons a chance to help a pet in need through "adopting" them via a holiday ornament.

"I love animals," said Prus, who has managed the Mack Avenue Starbucks for about six years. "At Starbucks we select a charity or a cause. I've always been passionate about animals. All of them deserve a home."

The holiday tree is a way for fellow dog and cat lovers to purchase food, toys, blankets or beds for, well, underpriviledged animals.

"When I started at this Starbucks I was amazed at how much the people in Grosse Pointe love their dogs," Prus said. "Last year one lady must have spent about $1,000 at Costco buying items for the animals. She brought in beds, food, toys. It took up one whole corner of the store."

For her part, Prus has adopted four dogs--two that stay at her home and two with her parents. She just can't say no.

One example: Two years ago a woman came into Starbucks and asked if they had contact information about the Michigan Humane Society. She explained that her six-year-old son continually threw their long-haired dachshund down the stairs. She, obviously, had to get rid of her dog.

"I told her to give her to me," Prus said. Prus adopted the dachshund, who is now lovingly called Foxie Roxie 'Bucks.

And now, because of her "mom," Roxie has a fancy water bowl at the Starbucks Doggy Bar, as do all of the other dogs in the neighborhood.

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