Friday, October 7, 2011

Boston Hotel to Offer Electric-Car Charging Station

Boston Globe: Consider it the newest hotel amenity: a no-charge electric car charge.

The Lenox Hotel announced today that it would install and operate Boston's "first commercial charging station for electric vehicles," at a curb on Exeter Street.

According to a press release from the hotel, the Lenox would be "the first privately owned, privately funded company in the city of Boston to install [a] visible-to-the-public, electric vehicle curb-side charging station."

Hotel guests with electric vehicles can receive a free electric charge along with their complimentary valet parking, and restaurant patrons and others who valet their cars with the hotel can also receive a free charge.

The hotel said it is working on the best way to make the stations available to the public, and that they will announce further information at the stations' unveiling , which will be sometime in the next few weeks.

The hotel worked with electric energy company Voltrek to engineer and construct the stations and secure city permits, according to the hotel.

“The Lenox Hotel’s Green Team is always looking for new ways to embrace and promote sustainable energy practices, and we found a perfect partner in Voltrek to assist us in accomplishing just that,” said Scot Hopps, The Lenox Hotel’s Director of Environmental Programs, said in a press release.

Electric car charging stations are popping up throughout the region, including in Lexington and Brookline.

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