Thursday, June 9, 2011

NYC's World Naked Bike Ride

Jaunted: It's an event that's as sacred to the city as the No Pants Subway Ride or PillowFight Day. Tthis Saturday is the infamous event known as World Naked Bike Ride. As the name hints, this gathering of nudists, cyclists, and nudes on cycles does happen in other cities around the world, but as with all things, it's so much better when it happens in the Big Apple.

The official rules are thus: ride a bike and "wear what you wish." And yes, there will be girls as well as guys, enjoying the feel of a sun-heated bicycle seat on their bare bits. Join the group or gawk, starting at 3pm under the Williamsburg Bridge, at 99 South 6th Street, to do some creative body painting and then head out across the city. This is a peaceful ride, a kind of hunger strike-turned-clothing-strike to draw attention to pollution, the environment and cyclist rights.

As with any proper organization, World Naked Bike Ride does have a Twitter: @wnbrnyc. Follow along on Saturday to determine what route the naked riders will take, and if any clashing with cops goes down. If you aren't in town this year for it—time to start planning for World Naked Bike Ride 2012!

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